Low-Tox Home

 The Low-Tox Home

Home is our sanctuary.

But what if I told you that the air quality inside our homes is 3-5 times higher in air pollutants than outside the home? Crazy, right?!

This comes down to what we are using the home.

One of the first things I learnt on my low tox journey was that the word “fragrance” wasn’t my friend.

Fragrance might be one of the biggest things I’ve eliminated in my journey to clean up our products. That word alone can hide any one of 3000+ chemicals that companies engineer in creating these scents. They can hide all of these chemicals under the word fragrance, and it is considered a trade secret.

Fragrances are linked to a staggering number of health risks. Across multiple research studies, chemicals used to make fragrances are classified as allergens, hormone disruptors, reproductive and developmental toxicity, asthma triggers, neurotoxins & carcinogens. The punchline: fragrances are highly toxic.


There was a study done last year that found how damaging traditional cleaners and disinfectants can be on our respiratory system. They attribute the decline in lung function to “damage to the the mucous membranes lining the airways.” Sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach), the antibacterial agent found in most all-purpose cleaners like Lysol, can have harmful respiratory effects.

The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization focused on the environment and public health recently came out with their Cleaners Hall of Shame list. The list includes common products you use to clean your home. These products contain ingredients containing carcinogens, asthma instigators, and poisons, which mean some sparkly cleaners might come at a high price.

Many of the generic cleaners contain Phthalates which interfere with hormones and are carcinogens.