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The Premium Mama & Baba Starter Set

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the premium mama and baba set is perfect for your little one to provide you with natural care and support for their emotional and physical wellbeing. your first line of defense. everything a new mom will need to naturally support herself and her babe.

 includes 2* 6x essential oil/roller stand

Essential Oil Rollers:


teethy essential oil blend naturally eases teething pain. Lavender creates a calming and soothing effect, while Clove and Copaiba provide anti-inflammatory and healing properties which acts as pain relief and anti-inflammatory agent.
tummy  essential oil blend naturally relieves baby colic, wind and eases digestive issues. Massaging into tummy in a clockwise direction will help to facilitate digestion while preventing constipation. DiGize essential oil supports the complete digestive system.
sleepy  baby essential oil blend naturally settles baby and generates a calm, peaceful uninterrupted sleep. Lavender, Cedarwood and Vetiver essential oil supports healthy function of the pineal gland releasing melatonin, our body’s natural sleepy hormone.
hush baby essential oil blend naturally assists with anxious moments for little ones, grounding them and creating a sense of peace. This blend contains two precious oils Peace and Calming and Valor. 

Peace and Calming  is used as an emotional support, reducing tense feelings and promoting relaxation while Valor brings mental clarity creating a calm feeling.

immunity  essential oil blend is intended to prepare and protect your little one's body by naturally helping boost their body’s immune system.This blend of contains oils which are known to have anti-viral and anti-microbial effects including Lemon, Orange, Thieves and Frankincense essential oils. Together these oils help to cleanse, purify and support a healthy immune system.

breathe  gentle blend of R.C. (respiratory care), Eucalyptus, Lavender. Promotes clear breathing and respiratory health. It's gentler and safer for children than other respiratory oils. They assist in opening the airways and helping loosen mucus, naturally. Simply apply to the chest and back as needed. 


baby time (fertility and go-time)  essential oil blend is intended to have a calming, yet revitalising influence that may help improve the functioning of your reproductive system. naturally assists in stimulating regular contractions after labour has started (when pregnant - not recommended to be used before your due date). pain relieving properties and those that promote feelings of love, calm and tranquility. can be used postpartum as well for emotional benefits.

ease  essential oil blend naturally relieves nausea related to morning sickness. a safe blend designed with pregnant mamas in mind, Ginger and Peppermint essential oils settle morning sickness while Lemon essential oil provides a sweet re-energising scent. If used during the third trimester, please be aware that Peppermint oil may decrease your milk supply.

gut essential oil blend assists with easing digestion and providing an internal cleanse to your body. 

peace to assist in calming and balancing emotions. Also assists in reducing anxiety symptoms. Simply roll this blend on the wrists (inhale deeply) and apply to the soles of the feet as needed.

relieve    essential oil blend naturally relieves headaches and aches and pains caused by an ever growing body. With analgesic and anti inflammatory properties, this powerful blend assists in reducing symptoms and also promoting a general sense of well being. 

slumber this beautiful blend contains those all important oils that promote feelings of relaxation, peace and wellness.

wellness  give your little one or yourself a natural solution when it comes to supporting their immune system. these oils support healthy immune and respiratory function, help protect against environmental threats, support the body's natural antioxidant defences and promote healthy circulation.




barrier essential oil blend helps protect your babies skin and prevent rashes

This blend naturally protects your baby while providing relief from nappy rash, eczema and other skin conditions. Lavender essential oil creates a calming and soothing effect, while Tea Tree provides antiseptic and antibacterial properties to assist the healing process. 

bites wanting a natural alternative to store bought, chemical filled insect repellents? This blend is all natural and effective. Simply spray onto the desired area as needed avoiding the eyes.

Always patch test before use on children. Please note If your child is under 6 months - as citronella essential oil will be left out 

owie this soothing mist was designed to use for scrapes, nick and cuts and light bruising, and an be used on any skin irritations.  Contains essential oils that are incredibly soothing, contain healing and antibacterial properties.

scalp this pure natural blend of oils has been specially created to treat cradle cap and dry scalp in babies. Cradle cap is a common infant skin condition caused by the over-production of sebum, leading to a scaly or flaky scalp. 


belly oil essential oil blend helps to prepare your skin for pregnancy, hydrating and minimising the occurrence of stretch marks.

This blend naturally moisturises your belly and boobs, keeping it hydrated during and post pregnancy and reducing the occurrence of stretch marks. Jojoba oil makes your skin feeling moisturised without the oily feeling. Essential oils of geranium, grapefruit and lavender blended create a soft floral scent.

life energy mist lightly mist above your head and the spaces around you. Used to assist in increasing focus, energy, motivation and act as a natural ‘pick me up’ + mood booster 


serene (bath and body oil) 

With the combination of calming Lavender and Peace & Calming to help your body unwind and relax, Cedarwood and Haven to support both you and your babes emotional wellbeing in addition to the ever so grounding Frankincense that will also help nourish your dry skin. These essential oils are the perfect to promote Tranquility to mind and body.

The value when purchased individually R1 160

Formulated with mamas and their babes in mind

^ I am not medical practitioners and these products and information are not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease or conditions. Always discuss with your medical practitioner before using all essential oil blends.

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